we are the storytellers



If your business were a news channel, what would today's lead story be? Who would write it, edit it, and make sure it was published and broadcast in such a way that your audience could see it?

There are things happening right now, on the floor, in the office, on-site, and within the industry that your customers want to know about...  

Eleventh Avenue Public Relations tells your story, optimizes it for digital channels, and broadcasts the story through both digital and traditional platforms.

This is public relations 2.0

Eleventh Avenue Public Relations is a full services media, marketing, and public relations agency that specializes in content marketing, digital pr, and promotions to help enhance, optimize, and grow your brand.

So what does that mean? Simply stated, we tell your story, optimize it for search, and distribute it through multiple digital and traditional outlets. We develop a consistent stream of information that positively reflects your brand and positions you as a leader in your field. We breathe life into that story through events and promotional partnerships and feed it through press releases, blogs, and social media.

In the digital age, you are what your search profile says you are. Eleventh Avenue can help with that. Does your company’s online profile reflect your brand? Is it sending out a message that is consistent with your other marketing efforts? If someone is searching within your industry, do your competitors show up first? A content marketing consultant can answers these questions and provide solutions.

Eleventh Avenue Public Relations creates, optimizes, manages, and measures digital content.

This is Public Relations 2.0.

The agency has evolved over 22 years to include Event Planning, Promotion, and Management and is considered one of the pioneers of Experiential Marketing.

Eleventh Avenue Public Relations began working in the content marketing field in 1995, when Prodigy and Compuserve were the going concerns in the brave, new world of the internet. Since then, the firm has served as a digital content developer and public relations consultant for a wide array of clients including Dell Publishing, Amazon.com, Carando Foods, Clear Channel Communications, and Mosquito Shield Franchise Corporation.